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Sanitaire - A Xylem Brand

Sanitaire - A Xylem Brand

Since their introduction in 1967, SanitaireĀ® products have been at the heart of innovative wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Sanitaire equipment and technologies are the industry standard and have been installed in many communities and industries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Sanitaire offers a variety of diffuser technologies, including the Gold Series fine bubble diffusers, age-resistant Silver Series II diffusers, the durable ceramic disc diffuser; all available with in-situ cleaning, and various coarse bubble technologies.

Their ICEASĀ® advanced SBR technology is a complete biological treatment solution for municipal wastewater treatment and select industrial treatment applications. This innovative and cost effective treatment process can be configured for biological nutrient removal (BNR) and the most stringent effluent requirements.
Sanitaire Silver Series II Diffusers